If you hate getting bogged down with the science of PR, you’ll really love us.

No matter what size of a PR campaign, event or conference you are planning, you’ll have a ton of core activities on your mind that day, so it’s our goal to be more than a PR agency. We want to be your partner. Partners do a lot more than complete assigned tasks. We help you plan ahead of time, locate best event sites, negotiate best value facilities, bring all stakeholders at the table and we even bring you coffee.

What services you can expect from us


It all starts with fresh insight. Our strategy team works with clients to understand their business and marketing goals. Social insights & thinking is at the centre of the role and purpose we develop for a brand. We use this foundation to create clear and actionable plans, which will drive business results. This guides us in doing all our work and is a stand-alone offering to the most demanding clients who have the drive to succeed.


Tanzania is a large, extremely challenging and dynamic market place. At WeAreSpinPR, we like to keep things under the same roof. Our sophisticated approach to paid media is enhanced by proximity to our research and insight, community management, and social content teams. We provide paid media services to a range of clients, typically outperforming traditional media agencies. Our team assists marketers in facing the increasingly challenging market demands.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is evolving rapidly, presenting a changing landscape of opportunities and challenges for organisations. We provide recommendations to reduce risks and improve processes, internal communication, employee engagement and innovation. Internal education and training can help operations and customer service units adapt to social media.

As the internet becomes ever more visual, so does our work. From the studio to Snapchat, we’re creating more images for our clients than ever before. Still photography, motion graphics, animation and video are all important parts of our creative work.

We do:

-Social media campaign development, site design, linking and management

-Social media content creation & management

-Blog development, design, content and management

-Corporate website and social media sites interactive linking

Research & Media Monitoring

At WeAreSpinPR, research is at the core of everything we do. Through tracking and analysis, we are able to optimise campaigns in near realtime. With robust measurement frameworks that recommend a wide range of digital and traditional measurement techniques, we look to prove the effectiveness of social thinking in driving business results.

We believe that – Social insight is key to generating ideas that people want to share and talk about. It’s how we drive behaviour change. We help brands get closer to the social needs and motivations of people, using a range of online and offline tools.

WeAreSpinPR, develops compelling public relation campaigns that reflect the goals of the client tailor made to suit both traditional and digital media outlets. We engage in:

  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Internal Communication
  • Crisis Management

Event Management, In-house training and consultancy

We deliver training to in-house teams to assist in the integration and growth of PR, internal communications and Social strategies. We are also asked to deliver this externally by various companies at team building conferences.

We facilitate Launches, Exhibitions, conferences and media tours, corporate roundtables, dinners, cocktails, destination meetings, retreats, family days and team building activities.


News Flash: According to Forbes, PR has dramatically evolved into digital communications. And for the chief marketing officer, that means big changes in how to engage audiences.

Still not convinced that marketing today strongly relies on Digital PR? The Tanzanian media landscape has altered dramatically. Citizens are finding and sharing news and information online and, as a result, traditional media companies are feeling the pinch and are now delving into online mobile newspapers at lower prices to retain readership.

The publics rather than being bombarded with ads, they now prefer good storytelling accompanied by great visuals – and most PR teams are very skilled at providing this kind of content.

This opens to the door to some amazing Digital PR opportunities. Working with an experienced Digital PR agency can help you take advantage of these new avenues of content, earned and social media. To capitalize on this trend, make sure that your PR team has master all the digital skills needed to take the lead and deliver excellent results

WeAreSpinPR can help your team master all the digital skills needed to take the lead and deliver excellent results such as:

  • Digital PR strategy
  • Digital  media relations
  • Blogger outreach campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Monitoring
  • Measurement
  • Digital PR training

Put simply, our Digital PR campaigns are developed to ensure we get the right people talking about you and the messages that you want to convey.

We bolster our strong media relations by collaborating with the influencers that your audience is listening to across social media, forums, blogs and many other online platforms. We develop relationships with these influencers to understand what they want to share and why they would talk about your brand.

Digital PR Opportunities

Digital Media Relations: Learn what the media and the journalists need and want. Use social media to find and engage with the right journalists. Provide them content and the tools that help them do their job.

Content Partnerships: Work with the media and help them cover stories in your industry. Provide them with in-depth information, research, experts and visual assets to enhance and extend the story. Create partnerships with online sites and blog that need content. Our team can help you master this new area of Digital PR.

Blogger Relations: Many of the journalists who have been laid off are now bloggers. There are also hundreds of thousands of bloggers writing passionately about every subject under the sun. You can find the right bloggers and get to know them. If you do it well and provide them with excellent content that their readers will find interesting, they’ll write about your brand. Blogger outreach is one of the areas where we’ve produced excellent results for our clients.

Social Newsrooms: Journalists and bloggers have embraced social media with both arms. They use it to find sources and story ideas.  They are on the hunt for images and video they can use with their stories. Your online newsroom must be a state-of-the-art social media storage area for all your content – text, images, video and social.

Key Influencers & Brand Ambassadors: Every segment of your stakeholders has people with influence. Finding these key influencers and building a relationship with them is essential. They could be part of the media, celebrities, industry analysts or just a member of the public with a large and engaged following. Part of Digital PR is finding the true evangelists and turning them into Brand Ambassadors.